Listening to this music can get you high!

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Are you a drinker? Do you like to get high? (C’mon it isn’t bad to get high!)
If the answer to the above question is true, we’ve got some great news for you…

digital alcohol high
Source: Internet
One fine day, while browsing through endless world of internet, we stumbled across something which we thought of sharing with the world for their good. The world is a complex place and what better than alcohol would make your life simpler. (No we’re not promoting alcohol)

Although we love it! Lol..

Source: Internet

This not only made us curious but also made us share the magical substance with you guys.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you the ‘Digital Alcohol’

Well, wait what?

Source: Internet

Yes, you read that right! Now you may get drunk without being actually drunk! Presenting to you the magical substance, “The Binaural beats”.

All About Binaural beats!

For the science freaks out there, Binaural beats were discovered by physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839. To explain the logic, these two different frequencies induced through audio technology, presented separately in each ear which makes the brain create its own frequency called “binaural beat”. This helps you to achieve high levels of meditation and can even get you high!

There are dozens of binaural beats out there with each giving you a different experience, Just so you know 😉

You can check it out for yourself

Ok Bye, It’s time to get digitally drunk!

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