About Us

About Feedipy

Feedipy is all about sassy stories that reach directly to the social feeds of the curious ones. We make use of our intellectual acuity in a way that even our bed-time stories; along with being chucklesome are spellbinding and thought-provoking.

Our Team

Jasgun Nagpal


A charismatic young guy who has been the brain and the heart of Feedipy. His curiosity to learn and know more, made him found Feedipy. A digital marketing enthusiast and a knowledge junkie, who has never said no to a coffee.


Dr. Rubal Singh


She was created to create beautiful smiles. A dentist by profession, who can both break and fix your teeth.  She loves to read and has a thing for detail. A wanderlust who likes exploring new places and is obsessed with Hello Kitty and gyming at the same time.

Avishek Paul

Content Writer

A hardworking lad who has gathered a good knowledge and experience about the industry at a young age and is for sure one of the most treasured part of the team. His articles are the wonders that you are looking out for.