Pornhub now has a “Panda Style” category – And it’s for a good cause!

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Some of you may already know, but for the innocent folks out there, Pornhub now has a Panda Style category. It features videos showing people doing the dirty in Panda costumes.

Yes, you read that right – Panda porn.

This new category is certainly puzzling…Like me, you might at first think it’s some new kind of fetish  to have sex dressed like fat slow fur-balls. But no, the truth is something very different and much more interesting…at least to some of us.

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Pornhub started the Panda Style category to save Pandas!

To make this clear, here’s what Pornhub says about Pandas….

“Giant pandas are one of the world’s most vulnerable animals.

The main reason for this is male pandas’ reluctance to reproduce.

Male pandas spend 16 hours a day eating and sleep for the rest of it. Female pandas  are sexually receptive only two or three days each year. And so they have a very slim chance of mating with males because of their inactivity.”

Male pandas are too lazy to take the opportunity..

So Pandas don’t mate enough, and Pornhub has a solution?

Yes, Pornhub seems to have an innovative jugad for Panda conservation..

Pornhub says….

“To get pandas in the mood again, scientists and zookeepers resort to various methods to encourage mating. This includes using ‘panda porn’ that helps to increase these cuddly little tumblers’ sexual appetite. However, there aren’t many videos readily available and most of them are of poor quality.”

Pornhub is inviting its viewers to film their own ‘panda porn’ that zookeepers can show pandas to encourage them to get it on.

“Those who are interested simply need to slip into a panda costume, or use black and white body paint, and get it on…panda style. Fans are encouraged to upload their videos to Pornhub’s new “Panda Style” category with the intention that scientists can use it as a resource for their panda breeding efforts.”

pornhub-how to help

In a nutshell, Panda Porn will help encourage Pandas to reproduce, hence saving their species.

Watch this video to know all about “Panda Style” (It’s safe for work)


But that is not all…

Pornhub also ran a donation campaign to collect funds to help conserve Pandas.

On top of that, the website donated 1 cent for every view in the Panda Style category, and they seem to have done well so far!

pornhub-views count

Read all about the campaign here.. you know Pornhub not only helps out its fans and viewers, but also the adorable Pandas, because after all, who can hate Pandas?

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Everyone loves Pandas!

We all have some friends who are porn enthusiasts, tell them! And if someone you know doesn’t like porn, share this article with them to show them how porn can be used for good too!

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