How The Domino’s Pizza Delivery Guys Delivered A Kidnapped Child In 35 Minutes

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It was time to wind up as the clock showed 11.45 p.m. Everything seemed as just a normal weekday night at Domino’s Pizza Outlet, Zirakpur, near Chandigarh. But everything changed, when a customer informed Surender and Harpreet (Domino’s employees) that someone driving a car dropped a child outside.


Domino’s Heroes In Action

Surender and Harpreet immediately reacted to the situation and rushed out and found a little innocent boy crying on the dark street. They were about to close the restaurant, but seeing the boy in trouble they decided to help him and get the child to his home safely.

They did all the things they could do. Surender and Harpreet asked people around the restaurant if anyone knew about this boy. They also searched near the area, hoping any relative or friend must be searching for him. Unfortunately, they found no one. Suddenly Surender noticed that the boy was having a bank passbook in his pocket. They managed to find his father’s name and contact number from the passbook.

Apparently, it was of no use as no was answering the call, they were tired of dialing the phone number again and again. That’s when they got a brilliant idea. Before handing over the boy to the nearest police station, they put his father’s contact number in the company’s database to check whether they had ever ordered from Domino’s Pizza. If they could find the number on the list it might be possible that they could possibly get his address.

Surender and Harpreet soon found that the family had ordered pizzas and cold drinks from Domino’s Pizza Outlet of Sector 20, Panchkula. Thought the boy had no physical injury, but they were amazed that how the kid came so far from his home on such an odd hours. They sensed something is wrong with it.

When the two men reached the police station of Sector 20 with the kid. They saw that his parents were already present there. It took them exactly 32 minutes to reunite the family again because of the kindness and efforts of these two heroes.

What Really Happened?

Once the family got reunited, they went to the timeline of what happened. The family had gone to have an ice cream and spend quality time. When a man entered the car and took mother at gunpoint. The keys were on the ignition so the man drove off in a matter of second.Clearly, his intention wasn’t to kidnap the kid. As soon as he found a kid in the backseat, he dropped him off at the Domino’s, where Surender and Harpreet were working.

Not just their company and the boy’s parents but the cops also appreciated the efforts of the young lads.

They are our heroes.

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