“I Love India More Now” – Pakistan Fan’s Stunning U-Turn!

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You know you’re declining when your own fans switch over to your fiercest rivals. Something similar has happened with Pakistan, whose fall from grace has led to the loss of at least one fan, that too the renowned Mohammad Bashir a.k.a The Pakistan Cricket Fan Chacha Chicago.

Pakistan Cricket Fan Chacha Chicago
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So, what did Pakistan Cricket Fan Chacha Chicago say?

“Ab koi muqabla nahi raha India Pakistan ka (India Pakistan match is not the contest it used to be). India bahut aage nikal gaya hain (India are miles ahead of Pakistan),” he said while lamenting the ground that Pakistan has lost.

“I still love Pakistan but I love India more now. Earlier I wanted Pakistan to win but now it is India. The love that I received during my first trip to Mohali in 2011 was overwhelming.” Pakistan Cricket Fan Chacha Chicago said.

“I have come to a stage where I end up going to India almost every year and hardly go to Pakistan. I feel much safer in India”.

Pakistan Cricket Fan Chacha Chicago is also friends with another super-fan, Sudhir Gautam, who is arguably the biggest Sachin Tendulkar fan the world has ever seen. Both of them are generally seen together during an Indian-Pakistan game, but things would be slightly different this time around.

Pakistan Cricket Fan Chacha Chicago
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“I have not missed a single India-Pakistan contest since attending my first one in Mohali during the 2011 World Cup. I would have loved to be there in Birmingham as well but since the game is during the month of Ramadan, the trip to Mecca with my family was already planned and I will be there for a month.”

“In fact, Sudhir called me only yesterday to check whether I was coming. Sadly I won’t be there but India should comfortably beat Pakistan and then go on to win the tournament,” Pakistan Cricket Fan Chacha Chicago said.

Pakistan Cricket Fan Chacha Chicago
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The Pakistan faithful may not be least amused by Pakistan Cricket Fan Chacha Chicago’s comments, but what he has said makes complete sense, even if what he is doing doesn’t. From being the possessors of some of the world’s greatest players in Javed Miandad, Imran Khan, Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram, Saeed Anwar and many more, they’ve only gone downhill. Being a disappointment whenever it matters the most.

Remember, cricket without Pakistan being at their best isn’t as interesting as it can be.

Think Pakistan can do a Portugal at the Champions Trophy to go all the way?

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