10 Office Buidlings In India So Cool That You’ll Wish You Worked There

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DISCLAIMER: Please don’t resign from your current job.

We often see pictures of amazing and beautiful buildings from all over the world. And every time we go through these pictures, we make immediate comparisons with the infrastructure and buildings in India. We wish our country to be one of the finest and the most developed in the world. But, do you know India has some of the most amazing office buildings which are no less than the ones around the world.

India is changing & developing and here we share a list of India’s 10 Most Beautiful And Iconic Office Buildings.

1) Infosys, Mysore

Infosys Mysore
Is it a building or a palace?
Infosys Mysore
So Beautiful
Infosys Mysore
It only gets better.

2) Cybertecture Egg , Mumbai

Cybertecture Egg
Because everyone love eggs!

3) TCS Siruseri

Most Beautiful Office Buildings
A Giant Butterfly?
TCS Siruseri
Yes it is!

4) Bata, Gurugram

Bata Building
This is one architectural marvel with twisted glass floors

5) Adobe, Noida

What an innovative design!
Adobe HQ is cool just like the cool softwares they build.

6) Statesman House, New Delhi

Such an amazing structure.

7) ICICI Bank, Hyderabad

This was once touted as the India’s Largest Captive Office Building

8) Suzlon One Earth, Pune

A world class corporate campus

An energy efficient campus

9) I-Flex Solutions, Bengaluru

10) Infosys, Pune

Infosys Pune

Infosys Pune2

So here is the list of India’s 10 Most Beautiful And Iconic Office Buildings. We hope that you loved them.

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