You Won’t Believe That This Bollywood Mega Star Is Not An Indian Citizen!

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Bollywood is one of those industries, which hides a lot of secrets in itself. And no matter how hard one tries, there are secrets that one fails to get the knowledge of. We are here to reveal one such secret that will blow up your mind. You would not believe this, but this particular man has been rocking the industry for years now, but he is not an Indian citizen!

Canadian Citizen

He is said to have been born in Indian but is a citizen of Canada. He is a permanent resident of the nation and since Indian constitution does not allow dual citizenship, he is not an Indian anymore.

This 50 years old is not only a great actor but is also a producer. And has also hosted television reality shows in the nation.

The popularity of the star can be determined from the fact that he has been a lead in more than one hundred movies. He is known for his stunts as well as comic timings.

You would be amazed to know that he has been the first Bollywood actor whose movies have crossed respectively the Rs 2000 crore the Rs 3000 crore marks.

He is the proud recipient of the National Film Fare Award and Two Filmfare awards in his happening career. He is married to the daughter of one of the most successful actors of the previous era.

So, Who Is He?

Well, now that you must be really excited to know who this actor is. So he is none other than our very own Khiladi Kumar or better say, Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar Canadian Citizenship
Akshay Kumar Canadian Citizenship

The Nationalist actor is no more an Indian citizen and claims the Canadian citizenship as ‘an honorary status’. Although there has been time and again that the actor has helped the people of the nation. And we all know his love & respect towards the army. But even then the actor cannot claim himself to be an Indian citizen.

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