6 Things You Never Did While At McLeod Ganj

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Been There. Done That? Lets Check your ‘Things to Do in McLeodGanj’ list

Living in North India? McLo is your favourite escape zone. And you have certainly been there. Now, our bet is, you wouldn’t have done even two of our list. And once you have done this, in your group of acquaintances, you can boast about your adventure, cultural and traveler skills. If you have a traveler friend to recommend this list to, he will be all time grateful to you. Here are your Things to Do in McLeodGanj.

Food: Lasange

things to do in mcleodganj Italian Food: Lasange

No doubt the Momos and Pancakes and Softys and Pastries are one of the most eaten and most liked foods at McLo. But we present to you the very delicious, mouth filling, cheese filled, spinach and mushroom clad pasta layered ‘LASANGE’. Also we can’t describe the taste; the superlative of best is not available in the English language.
Available at Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen. It is food that tastes as good as it looks and as good as it sounds.

Hope Gallery: A place for Backpackers and Photographers.

Things to do in mcleodganj
Source: Facebook/Kusang Tibet Tenzin

If you love photography or are an enthusiast or even a creative person who loves to meet like-minded people, hope gallery is your place. They tell stories of Tibetans in Exile through Photographs. And meanwhile you can order one from their many exotic flavored teas. You can serve yourself teaching English to the Monks there. One of the Best things to do in McLeodganj.

Night Camp at Dal Lake: Bonfire and Tent.

Things to do in McLoedGanj
Source: travel d’globe

Around 2 Km from McLeodganj is the famous Dal Lake. You might have seen it at the day. But our stakes are on the Night. The small park on the left of the lake is the place to put your Night Tent and light up a bonfire while you sip your favorite beverage.

Caution: Only for the strong of heart. The Night is quite fearful.

Bhagsu Falls: Not the way you do it.

Things To Do In Mcleodganj
Source: Insta @Fidoic

If you have an adventurous soul and nerves of steel then only you can do this. Start from the Bhagsu and follow the trails of water and at approximately 2.5 km down the stream you will find a natural pool. Into the wilds, your personal pack of wolves can have a nice long skinny dip with nobody watching.

Cultural Dance and Music of Tibet

Things to do in Mcleodganj
Source: tibettravel.com

While passing down the Jogiwara Road. Near the stairs of Lotus Cafe, at the morning and evening you will be attracted by the traditional music which compels you stop and seek the direction of its origin. You will find on looking down the road the cultural center for morning and evening activities.

Trek Down the Old City. : 4km Walk through Forest to Dharamshala

Things To Do In Mcleodganj
Source: Internet

From the city of McLo a walk able road descends to the Dharamshala, lined by exotic species of flora and ornamented by Architect of British era. It is the road not taken by the most. Our Guarantee: you will be mesmerized by the Combination of Man-made and Natural beauty hand in hand.

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