Family Trip To Family Trap

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Travelling is always fun. Yes? Is the Family Trip fun as well?
Remember the family trip that your parents bring up whenever you are like “Papa Hum Kahin ghoomne Nahi Jaate”


Family trip

First of all it’s not a family trip, because you are bound to have your chacha’s or bua’s khaandaan to accompany you or if they are not available padosi toh kahin nhi gaye beta!

And to your surprise this family trip ends up being a visit to some temple, gurudawara, bolo sache darbara ki…JAI!!

It’s a Car and Not A Caaaaarrrrr

All is OK, until you realize you have one car and 11 people. And it’s almost heart melting to see when your mom thinks your 13 year old brother can sit on her lap for the entire journey  and says “Koi na adjust kar lenge”
“For 3 hours mommy!! 180 minutes mother!! He is not 2 years old anymore and he weighs 60 Kgs (courtesy your Aloo Poori)”

Family Trip

And at last people are “adjusted” like luggage “everywhere” literally EVERYWHERE.

Even if you are taking a train, a bus or something, don’t be so happy just yet … Wait till they behave like a witch coven, as if they are playing hum saath saath hain and everyone else is ISI.

Craving for food? Aye Aye Captain!!

So parents have very different idea of the word snacks, for them it usually means Santre (Oranges), Candies, Paronthas and of course again Aloo Poori!

Family Trip

Just forget about the pizza & the pasta.

Music is the best medicine

Whats with the songs that are played ?
80s …90s…. Then bhajans!!!

Family Trip
Almost like saying “Jump Out Of The Car”

The Best GPS (Galat Positioning System) Ever

Parents have a very high-tech and advanced navigation system…. it’s the person sitting next to the driver!!

God forbid … He/she is not that bright at multi-tasking! Because he/ she will be talking to the back sitters, will be attending calls, will be playing music at times & you my friend are basically going round and round and round!

Restrooms? Sorry What?

Now there are no stops on this road trip other than Vaishno Dhabas. So if in case you had a little too much to drink and feel like using a restroom, the only option you have is to start looking for a really green field or better the famous ‘jhaadiyaan’  and there you go!!Family Trip
While you may think that it’s a vacation rather it’s almost an examination, as it is a parent’s undercover investigation to see how you behave when you are out with them on a Family Trip or almost a Family Trap.

Hence, No shouting, No music, No making fun of the strangers, No chilling……

Family Trip

No Family Trip

But, Yes A Family Trap.


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