The Dark Web is creeping us out! Find out why..

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What if we told you that all the internet browsed by anyone in the world is just the tip of any iceberg! The real deal lies deep beneath the ocean. Internet has been used for decades now and is currently being used by 49.6% (Source : Internet world stats) of the world’s population be it for recreational purposes, socializing, communication, etc.. It has been of immense importance to us and would be in future forever. While most of us think of ourselves as the champs of the internet, there are people who steal the show.  In addition, they are like the invisible entities lurking in depths of the internet what we infamously call the “DARK WEB”.

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What is Dark Web?

Technically, all the internet which is not indexed in the traditional search engines is called the deep web.

All the illegal activities that happen in deep web are part of the Dark web.

You’d be amazed to know that this part takes up the 90%  (Source : PC Advisor) of the internet and is not known to us. While most of it is useless, the other part is where all the shady and scary stuff happens. Hence, we wouldn’t advise you to try your luck here.

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Here’s a breakdown of the Deep Web for your understanding!

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Hope you know it all now!


One of the website of the Dark web is “Silk route”. Silk route is where all the illegal buying and selling of recreational drugs happen. Probably, nobody knows if this site is still functional today or not (Most probably it is). Other services you might be offered in this section of the web are assassinations, visas and passports of any country, weapons buying and selling, pornography, gore videos, snuff films, and much more you’d only imagine in your darkest of dreams.

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The currency of Dark web!

The only currency that people use in this dark world is the Bitcoin. By now, you must have heard about bitcoin a lot. This is the type of currency which can’t be traced back to the user because it is virtual. Hence, it becomes easy to make payments without having to face the government officials and it doesn’t leave any trace.

Therefore, Bitcoin is becoming very popular with these organizations these days and it is widely acceptable in the underworld.

Dark web - Tor_Browser
Tor browser to surf the web anonymously(Source: Tor Project and Mozilla)

As we told you, it isn’t indexed by any search engine because there is only one way to access it which is TOR browser. Tor browser gives you the access to this web, but be very cautious while using it. Either you might land in trouble with some very dangerous criminals or probably FBI if you’re lucky (You won’t be, trust us!). Therefore, keep your hands of any suspected activity.

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Let us explain you the levels of trouble step by step!

Level 1: Normal internet, you may browse Facebook and yay, you’ve done a lot!

Come Level 2: Initial level of Dark web, probably you must be getting bored, that’s why!



*Knock on the door*

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We’ll leave it to you to find out!

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