Your Fondness for Sweets is Killing You Every Minute Even If You Don’t Have Diabetes

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Let us start with asking some questions,
Are you a Non-Diabetic?
Do you have a Sweet Tooth?
Do you think only people with diabetes need to control sugar intake ?

If “Yes” is the answer to the above questions, you should read this.

A lot of us who are not suffering from diabetes, don’t mind to consume extra sugar. We are sure a lot of you out there must be having a sweet tooth. Even we belong to the same group.

Till now, mostly everyone is under the impression that the intake of sugar is harmful to the people with diabetes. But as per a recent research on The Dangers Associated With Sugar Consumptions, the intake of excessive sugar can be equally dangerous for the health of non-diabetics also.

We want to live a healthy life and feel that everybody on the earth must follow the same principle, so we have shared some shocking facts from the research.

1) Sugar is not a real food and has zero nutritional worth.


Indeed! This fact came out as a shock to us. The ingredient that we always considered as the biggest source of energy for ourselves is actually not replenishing us with any source of nutrition.

2) Our body cannot utilize sugar effectively if it is not used as an immediate source of energy.

Obesity Sugar
Source: Internet

One of the facts shared by the study is that the sugar gets stored in the liver and cause the liver to dispense it back to the bloodstream in the guise of fatty acids. Hence expose a person towards obesity and other health issues.

3) Refined sugar contains Abnormal Sugar and Purvic Acid

Source: Internet

Purvic Acid is known to hinder with cell’s respiration activity and interferes with the process of administering oxygen to the cells. It may cause a person to develop diseases like cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis and much more.

Isn’t it scary to learn that we are happily satyisfying are craving for sweets intake which is actually killing us slowly?

4) Consumption of sugary food makes body metabolically inactive.

Sugar wieght loss
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A bad news for all them who are on their weight loss mission, your fondness for sweets may not allow you to achieve your fat loss goals because its consumption washes away the minerals and vitamins stored in the body and obstructs the regeneration process of tissues.

It makes the body metabolically inactive; thus, hindering response to workouts.

5) Sugar is a source of Acidity

Sugar Dessert Cake Pops
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We often ask kids not to eat sugary food as it may result into cavities in their teeth. The real reason behind the theory is that sugar is a source of acidity, and in the course of dealing with the body’s ability to acid formation, it plucks calcium from teeth and bones making them weak and more exposed to damage.

As the consumption of sugar intervenes with the process of rebuilding of tissues, it infringes the lymphatic system (disease-fighting system) of the body.

Undoubtedly, the adverse effect of the same is visible in the immune system of a person.

Without a doubt, sweets do more harm to our health than adding to our daily calorie intake. Even if you are not a diabetic, you should start cutting down sugar intake from your daily diet and focus more on natural sweet intake as in fruits and honey.

We are gonna do it. Would you ?


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