This New Invention Just Ended The Never-Ending iPhone-Android War.

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How often do you witness or take part in a heated iPhone vs Android debate? And have you ever seen any of the sides accept defeat? Chances are you haven’t. Android fanboys boast of limitless customization and killer hardware, while iFans smugly put software-hardware integration and ease of use above all else.

Here’s something that might finally put an end to that debate :


We bring to you a project “EYE” by ESET. It already has a prototype, and just as the title promises, we will show you how this product gives you the best of both worlds -and more!

What it exactly is ? 

Eye is a smart cover for your iPhone that has a full fledged Android strapped sleekly to the back. This gives you all the great things you expect from an Android. Dual Sim, Expandable storage, Infra Red – you name it. On top of that, you get the combo benefits like extra battery and taking selfies with the rear camera.

Check out the detailed features below and marvel at the sheer brilliance of the idea :

1) 5-inch Full HD AMOLED Display

Even the latest iPhones don’t have AMOLED display. The “EYE” gives you one! Use it to watch movies, play games, or simply as an “always-on” photo viewer (Yes you can do that)

eye_FHD display
Eye’s Full HD AMOLED display (Source:Kickstarter)

2) Upto 256 GB storage for your phone!

I’m sure a lot of iPhone users will kill to get extra storage. “EYE” has a micro-SD slot that lets you do just that. “EYE” is connected to your iPhone via the Lightning USB connector, so file transfer is lightning fast!

eye_iPhone storage full
Never worry about storage again (Source:YouTube)

 3) Boost your battery life

Phone dying in the middle of something important is probably your worst nightmare. Now you can sleep in peace, knowing you  have an extra 2800 mAh of backup.

eye_battery gif
Just put the “EYE” on and voila! (Source:Kickstarter)

 4) Two extra SIM slots

Take advantage of all the promotional offers (Like Jio) with ease! You’ll never have to go through all the portability hassles again.

5) Best Selfies Ever

All phones have great rear cameras but the front cameras kind of suck. Now take full advantage of your iPhone’s camera with rear camera selfies – thanks to a screen on the back.

eye_selfie gif
Perfect selfies with the rear camera using the “EYE” (Source:KickStarter)

6) Always On Display

Admit it, after a while you get bored of your back cover. Now you have an Android as your back cover – and it is always on! Add a pic of your loved one, check the time, see notifications – without even having to touch the screen.

You must be thinking – “But that’ll drain the battery like anything!”

Don’t worry, the screen is super efficient AMOLED remember? It will only drain 1% battery more per hour from Eye and will have NO effect on your iPhone’s battery.

Always On Display for a smart back cover – always. (Source:Kickstarter)

 7) Multitasking like a Boss

This is something you must have realized by now. The possibilities are endless….

eye_multitask gif
Cool! (Source:Kickstarter)

8) Drops and Scratches? Taken care of!

Two screens! What if it falls? No one wants that heart attack when your phone drops…and with Eye, it will be twice!

Thankfully, protection from scratches and drops is built into the design.

Drop-proof design (Source:Kickstarter)

And mind you ! That is not all….

There are many more features in the prototype plus some that are still under development. If you feel excited about the prototype and would like to see it in stores very soon, you can back this project here.

Share this post with all the iFans and Android Fanboys you know, and maybe there can finally be peace in the smartphone war.

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