A for Apple, B for Ball, F for How Funny our Education System has got!

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Education System in India?

The question mark to that because, well somebody needs to question our education system, at least the students should.

Is our education system efficient enough to prepare us for the world beyond school and colleges?

Education System
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“I want to become……..”

Chuck it! Doesn’t matter anyway. Because

Education System
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So after spending 15 years in school,

Were you efficient enough to do your taxes?

Were you confident enough to start your own business? Fix your car if it broke in middle of nowhere?

You were almost an eligible voter when you finished school. Were your aware about politics in your country by then?

After passing school, were you sure about your life goals?

Hindi Medium Vs English Medium – The Endless Battle

Hindi is the mother tongue of a huge population of India, and well English is the global language as it is…

Our education system just fails to do complete justice to either.

Education System
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Even in a Hindi speaking region like Delhi, a student feels somehow inferior coming from a Hindi medium school.

At the same time, English medium students are not all stars, they still feel like “Whaat???” every time someone says satattarr(77), lohpath gamini (train)…..

Didn’t know those words? Ahhhh!! You English medium fellas!

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Number of schools in the country

Now statistics from 2016 say there are a reasonable 1.3 million schools across the country, but it is the distribution of those schools that’s weird, where cities like Chandigarh have several schools in every sector, neighboring areas have none.

That sounds fine but on a closer look you realize,

High quantity of schools does not compensate for the poor quality.

What about those who can’t afford to shift to a ‘Good School Area’ !

Education System
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Government schools… ‘Sigh’

Education System
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With no benches, blackboard, fans, subjective teachers…Can’t even begin with lack of libraries, sports facilities, and infrastructure!

Fee structure for Private Schools and Colleges

Yeah, my father sold one kidney for my education and the other for my brother’s! Now we have to earn and pay for his dialysis.

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Inventions ? What are they ?

Aamir Khan was right, nobody talks about inventions, or about teaching something new in schools and colleges. A for apple hai toh apple hai.

A for apricot? Crime!

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Still stuck on ‘My best friend’ and ‘The cow’

Why would we want children to write new stories?  It’s not like they can become a writer one day.

We already have Chetan Bhagat …okay!

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We all study for exams ….right?

Well the problem, precisely!

“Hey bhagwan main kal exam mein bhool jaon chalega ! Agge aur peeche waala na bhoole bus!”


Education system
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But how can we blame the kids for taking an easy way out. In some cases like that of Bihar, we have seen how teachers and parents make cheating a business.

Maine to Papa se kaha tha pass karwa dijiye, unhone ne to top hi karwa diya : Ruby Rai (Bihar’s Topper Scam)

Teacher vs Student Ratio

Give it up for teachers who are Science-cum-English-cum-History-cum-Summer camp dance teachers…. Not because they are multi-talented superheroes but because we just don’t have enough teachers!!

Jack of all subjects, master of none.

Topper club

The sad part in our education system is that the “Topper” is the Academic Topper. Full stop.
People who did exceedingly well in sports, who aced the drama club, won at inter-school declamation….Huh … BPL (Below Poverty Line) !

After school …. Do whatever you want to do man!

As high-schoolers, we in India aim only and only at our board exams…and after that drop a year to look around for options.

Education System
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There are no college tours in this business as if after school,

Girls- Take care of kids.
Boys- Take care of Daddy’s shop.

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