7 Reasons Why You Are Smarter Than Donald Trump, The Leader Of The Free World – Bigly

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Most of the world is in awe of Donald Trump, the billionaire who made it to the White House, in spite of saying all the things a politician should generally not say. Some would argue it is precisely why he said those things that he won. Regardless of the truth, he is a successful businessman and appealed to the voters strongly enough. “Well,” I’ve often heard people say, “He’s the President. What are you?”. In a really watered down and cheap analogy, Kapil Sharma might be a low-grade comedian, but he’s still on the top.

But I’m here to show Donald Trump really is only an ill-informed and often illogical person and in a lot of ways dumber than you.

1. Trump thinks Global Warming means it can never get cold anywhere

Remember when we read about Global Warming in class five or somethings, and we were told how slowly the planet is getting warmer? And that it is making both summers and winters slightly warmer? Yeah, Trump skipped that class.

If the planet is really getting warmer, he says, why do we have winters? He debunks the “myth” of Global Warming by showing everyone – “look! it’s cold outside. Take that, Chinese conspirators! ”

Trump doesn’t know how seasons work. It’s possible he doesn’t know that Earth orbits the Sun.


2. POTUS doesn’t know how a Father-Daughter relationship works


What is your concept of such a beautiful bond? When your daughter grows up and you picture her dating or getting married to a man,  do you really imagine yourself being that man? Trump Does.

“If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

3. Donald Trump thinks his Twitter account is the Lasso of Truth


Twitter is great. Twitter is no doubt powerful. Everyone is on Twitter. But sorry, Mr. Trump, it doesn’t give you superpowers.


4. Daredevil Donald thinks that Foreign Policy experts literally don’t sweat


“The other candidates — they went in, they didn’t know the air conditioning didn’t work. They sweated like dogs…How are they gonna beat ISIS? I don’t think it’s gonna happen.”  –  Donald Trump at the announcement for his presidential run.

If you can’t figure out the relation between sweating and fighting ISIS, welcome to the so called normal-people club.

5. Ol’ Don doesn’t know women aren’t possessions

In a November 1999 New York Times OpEd, when Trump was thinking of running for President, he said:

“I think the only difference between me and the other candidates is that I’m more honest and my women are more beautiful.”

Source: Imglfip

This one doesn’t even need a response.

6. Trump thinks he knew more about ISIS than the Generals, way before he assumed office

What is the first thing you say when you are lying ? “Believe me.”

Source: Imgflip

“I know more about ISIS than the generals do. Believe me.” -Trump said at a rally in Fort Dodge, Iowa, November 12, 2015

7. This tweet


Trump’s IQ is definitely not the highest. How can I say that? Well, I this article just proved it to you!


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