6 Weird Lawsuits in India – More Dramatic Than Any TV Serial!

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Our world is full of crazy. One moment you could be reading news that would demand serious thought and suddenly a news will make you realize that the real and reel worlds are, in fact, connected and inspire each other. That being said, what if I told you that our country has witnessed real life court room dramas that surpass even the weirdest movie? Don’t believe me? Well, read ahead… because these 6 weird lawsuits in India are straight out of a twisted plot and definitely more dramatic than any Hindi TV serial.

1. When a guy accidentally married a guy

If movies and reel life have taught us one thing, it is that ‘love at first sight’ is very real. Only in this case, our hero, aka, 37 year old Balak Ram didn’t realize the joke fate had in store for him. Balak Ram had the hots for a 29 year old dancer named ‘Rajkumari’. And, he had paid Rs.50000/- to her traveling troupe to marry her. But when things got a bit heated up, it turned out that ‘Rajkumari’ was actually a 14 year old boy ‘Rajkumar’.

After the initial shock wore off, Balak Ram filed a lawsuit against the troupe for hiding the truth.

2. When this couple couldn’t agree where to live

Conflicts are a part of life, be it with a stranger, your boss, your siblings or your significant other. One married couple, Anoop Mehta and his wife, found themselves amidst one such serious disagreement. Anoop got posted to Port Blair but his wife did not want to move with him. To solve the issue, they took the case to the court. But the lawsuit took a sudden twist when the wife chose divorce over moving away.

The case even witnessed a blooper when the judge tried to convince her by making this bizarre statement- “Sita followed Ram, why can’t you?”
Yep. Definitely one of the biggest weird lawsuits in India!

3. When these two people had a fight over a dog

Pet owners love their pets like their own kids, which is undoubtedly beyond-the-words adorable. However, one Indore based pet owner, named Pushparaj, fell in trouble for his dog love. One Gabbar had filed a lawsuit against Pushparaj, aka, Pintu  for biting his entire right ear off! To his defense, Pintu appealed to the court that Gabbar had been harassing his dog by throwing stones at him all the time.

Now, protecting your pet is one thing but biting someone’s ear off?? That’s extreme- even for the pointlessly crazy world of Hindi Serials where the leading lady reincarnates as a fly!

4. When this lad was seriously disappointed in fairness creams

Remember when Shahrukh said, “Kab tak jiyoge chup chup ke ladkiyon wali fairness cream k sahare, khul k jiyo- ‘Fair and Handsome’ ke saath!” Well, this guy- Nikhil Jain- listened to him. But, got seriously disappointed on not seeing any results in 3 weeks as the ad had claimed. He and his brother, Paras Jain then filed one of the most weird lawsuits in India. They sued the parent company- Emami for running misleading and untruthful ads.

After a battle of around 2.5 years, they won the case and also a settlement of Rs. 15 lakhs!

5. When this guy suffered mental agony by watching a movie

weird lawsuits in india- movie

You know how sometimes you try to blame your problems on others? This guy, named, Lovenish Kumar Bhardwaj took it a step further. He filed a lawsuit against a local multiplex for showing the movie Rockstar. He claimed the movie had caused him mental agony and demanded Rs. 50,000/- as compensation.

Luckily for the multiplex, this was the real world and not a bizarre comedy flick, and the judge overruled Lovenish’s crazy plea and dismissed it as one of the weird lawsuits in India.

6. When this guy filed a case from the great beyond

Land disputes are not uncommon. However, Lal Bihari was officially registered dead under a conspiracy by his uncle. Now, call it his luck or bad luck but he discovered the truth when he visited his local district headquarters to apply for identity proof in order to get a bank loan. He fought the case for over 18 years in order to get his identity back. He even planned his own arrest by kidnapping his uncle’s son to prove that he is alive. Even more shocking is the fact that over 100 similar cases were discovered under the light of this case.

These were the craziest lawsuits Indian courts have seen, and they seem enough to inspire several even crazier TV soaps…..

So the next time you make fun of Sasural Simar Ka, keep in mind that reality can sometimes be just as bizarre and dramatic!

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