5 Types of Friends in Every College Squad

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“Abe tera bhai hai na!”
You all must have heard this dialogue time and again! Well, that is one of the best lines that we have heard in friendship! Here are some of those friends that are invariably present in every college squad; completing the squad like all the spices complete a perfect dish!

5 Types of Friends in Every College Squad

The Bhukkad:

Types of Friends in Every College Squad
Source: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

In every group, no matter what, you will have one of these friends, who will never need any reason to ask for a party. It seems that all that they really care about is the food in an outing and not the outing itself. Their favorite quote is “Ae party de na!”

The Boring Jokester

boring meme gif

“Wow So Original…You Deserve A Round Of Applause”

Yes! You got it right, that particular person in every group, who would come up with some of the most boring and irritating jokes time and again. Although nobody is interested in their jokes, but you’ll have to admit that without these people in your group, the parties would have been too boring!

So obviously, this guy has to be the most important friend in our list “Types of Friends in Every College Squad.”

The Mummy Da Laadla

Picture Courtesy: The Cine Bay

“Mujhe 9 baje se pahle ghar jaana ha!”
Have heard any of your friends saying that? Well, if you have then you know exactly the guy we are talking about! These friends sometimes really play the spoilsport in a group, and especially if that’s your best friend!

Come on buddy, grow up!

The Bhikmanga

Well, you might be one of them. Did you ever carry your pen? If not, then it’s you that we are talking about!

“Abe ek pen la naa”
“Yaar pencil de de”
“Bhai compass hoga?”

Yes, these are those people who seem to have lost all their belongings in some disaster and they make sure that they ask for almost everything that you can possibly think of!

The Stud

Types of Friends in Every College Squad
Source: Gifamerica.com

The Stud, the one who makes everyone jealous. Everywhere the group goes, he seems to find someone to flirt with. The rest of the group simply looks on, envious and proud at the same time!

The Feku:

Friends - Sala-ye-bhi-feku-main-bhi-feku
Source: Andaz Apna Apna

The “Kuch Bhi” person. No matter what he says, there is no man on the planet who would ever believe him.

“Yaar pata hai, aaj na tere bhai ne Shaktimaan ko dekha!”
“Bhai mere 15 ghar aur 32 gadi hai US mein”

Like seriously? Kuch bhi!


So this is our list of ‘Types of Friends in Every College Squad.’ Maybe this list reminded you of some sweet memories from the good old days! If it did, then that was all we were trying to do!

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