Opinion | A ‘Sect’ Subjugated The ‘State’ and The ‘State’ Succumbed

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When the country was riding high on the waves of new hopes and promises, a sect subjugated the state and it succumbed. A self proclaimed Godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim got convicted of a heinous crime like rape and its followers go on rampage. Lives are lost and public property is damaged. The control of administration shifts from the hands of the elected, to a few selected individuals. Government is the spectator and public suffers as usual yet again.

This godman who is revered by many is accused of various heinous crimes such as rape, castration, kidnapping, illegal occupation of land and property, possession of arms and ammunition. At the same time he has been awarded and rewarded by many governments and other national & international organisations. Although he and his followers have always been in complete denial of the charges made against him and obviously no one can deny that popularity is followed by allegations and accusations. But in a democratic society and state, allegations are investigated.

Dera Premi
Dera Premi sleeping in front of people’s homes in Panchkula

If after investigations and a trial also the man is found guilty, he has the rights of appealing in higher courts. But the sect and its head which proclaims to be followers of peace and harmony decide to go on rampage. It was not a sudden rage, the followers have been threatening of the same. But our government which was responsible for ensuring our safety was struggling with typing errors.

In a state like Haryana, where under the same government in two years already two riots have taken place, the state should at least have mastered the art of typing orders. For a layman also curfew means no congregation of people, but our well-qualified and competent authorities forgot to mention this clause in written orders. I am baffled by the state of affairs.

Good governance was the first promise of the ruling government. Is this good governance? Three incidents in three years that too in a state which is supposedly the progressive state of our nation. The state which is ruled by the same party which is ruling the nation. How can a government defend this? But don’t be bewildered, the government is actually defending it’s incompetence. A well predicted riot takes place and government claims that it was successful in controlling the situation. A sect was successful in causing damage to life and property in five states and our governments failed to control them. Control was in the hands of a devilish man disguised as a spiritual leader and governments were reduced to a status of damage control agency.

We are not learning from our past. Our governments are not learning from past. We talk about change but are not ready to implement. We can express grief, outrage on occasions, demonstrate our protest on social media and roads etc, but are unable to act. We aim to reach moon on a rocket which is just all booster but no payload.

This has to stop. We need to start learning. We can’t just be sitting ducks and condemning such incidents. Governments are not just there to appeal for peace but to ensure and execute. No sect, belief or ideology is above the state. Governments can’t be intimidated by an unruly mob. We have to start taking responsibility rather than making excuses. I fear if nothing changes soon, the nation is heading towards disaster. Our very essence as a nation defies monopoly of a sect, let’s not destroy it.

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