The Remark That Penetrated My Soul As I Stood There As If Someone Has Covered Me in Layers Of Shame!

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Eve Teasing is A Big Crime and majority of the women from every part of the country face this everyday, that is why now we have an Anti Romeo Squad working in UP.

eve teasing
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But every filthy remark is often ignored mostly because the victim tends to do so.

“She” thinks it’s easier, but is it?

I am a no pins and needles person. I dont fear big crowds and lack of confidence is never a problem. But that one time, my throat felt choked and my insides were racing their way out. I felt like running away as far as possible, felt like I was going to throw up!

All that happened, in that one moment of disgust. A reckless idiot, decided to claim me as his own property and passed a trashy remark as he crossed by me and my friend, on a very crowded street, in a very posh area of the city, in clear day-light.

And for what?

10 seconds of adrenaline rush?

10 seconds of my attention?

10 seconds of fun?

10 seconds of certain kind of relief to his jumping hormones?

First of all, its not like you tease a girl walking on the road and she’s gonna fall into your arms the next minute, magically! Because she was so blown away with that disgusting remark that you just made to her!

Its not like you are gonna touch her without her permission and she’ll surrender herself to you…Have me, You pervert, Have me!’

eve teasing
Source: Internet

Rather it will just make the girl a victim to a very uncomfortable situation, and when I say ‘victim’ I have chosen the word very precisely.

Eve Teasing is No Joke!

Indeed its mental harassment, and no woman should be subjected to it…

Even if she was coming back home late. Even if she was wearing a short dress. Even if she was standing with her boyfriend. Even if she was walking a dark alley alone. EVEN IF SHE WAS INVITING TROUBLE!

Because obviously, “Who Made You The Judge?”

To all those who say ignorance is bliss in these matters, Hell No!!

“A filthy remark, an inappropriate touch, a lustful look that peneterates our soul and makes us feel so disgusted that ‘we’ in turn, feel the need to hide our faces to change our daily routes, to finish our work early so that we can rush home before its dark”…is something to be stopped AND DEFINATELY NOT TO BE IGNORED.

So, lets not ask these Roadside Romeos “Tumhare ghar mein maa behn nhi h kya?”
Rather, lets start asking them “Bhaisahab Doctor ne kya kaha? Kab tak theek ho jaoge?”

Because they are diseased, who lose control over their minds, tongue, eyes, and balls!
But its no cancer, so we can fight this if only every male helps the other and every female responds with doses of chapal-laat whenever and wherever required.


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