Singham Punjabi: Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Poster (Singham In Punjabi)

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Singham Punjabi 2019

Singham Punjabi | Bollywood and the regional film industries all across the nation have for long been slaughtering on the remakes and the regional remakes of various movies. One of the latest examples of one such movie is Singham. First of all, Singham itself is the remake of the South Indian popular film. Rather, this movie had made this particular movie one of the most burning topics of discussion in its days of release. Finally, Punjabi Film Industry has now thought of latching on this Angry Cop character Singham.

Singham In Punjabi With Parmish Verma

This special announcement came in as a surprise by Ajay Devgen himself on his birthday on the microblogging site, Twitter.

Singham Punjabi can probably be expected to be much the same, with the lead character playing the role of a police inspector. The inspector stands by the honest and the innocent and is hated by the ruthless and the anti-social. The part would for surely be duplicating Ajay Devgan who has been playing the role of the Patriotic cop. The role has almost been type-casted with the actor since the series first started off in the year 2010.

Parmish Verma Singham To Hit Punjabi Box Office

However, there is the one main thing that is being speculated all across the nation.

Who would be playing the role of Ajay Devgan in Singham in Punjabi?

As per the announcement, the lead role in Singham Punjabi would be played by Parmish Verma. This also means that much like the Bollywood movie, this movie too would have quite a lot of action scenes.

Parmish Verma Singham Punjabi
Parmish Verma Singham Punjabi

Also, keeping up the good demand of the series, it can be believed that Parmish Verma Singham would be one of the highest grosser in the Punjabi movie industry. This particular series in almost any possible language has always been much awaited and loved by the audience at large.

Parmish Verma Singham Punjabi Release Date

We can expect the movie to hit the theatres by 2019 as is mentioned in the first poster of the movie. Also, Parmish Verma confirmed the same on his social media as well.

Singham Punjabi Cast

Official confirmation on male lead role is that Parmish Verma will be playing the role of Singham along with Sonam Bajwa in the female lead role.

Parmish Verma


As Singham

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