This weekend, Delhi is haunted!

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It is one of those weekends when you’d be planning a nightout! And one of those weekends when you’d be partying till the dark. After a rigorous week, one needs to chill and what better than Delhi! Delhi has amazing places to spend hours with your mates.. You’d be hitting the clubs and partying till dark. (“Sunlo saare duniya waalo, kitna bhi tum zor lagalo, karenge party saari raat, kaan mein dard hai toh band karwalo..“).

Sounds amazing, right? You might be flushed out totally and then comes the homecoming part!

(*Warning, further part is not for the faint hearted*)

Now you’re ALONE! Ever imagined, what lurks on the streets of Delhi?

haunter roads of delhi

Thought of being stuck on a road that leads you to darkness? Ever felt an eerie presence near you? Ever imagined Haunted Roads Of Delhi?

We advise not to try your luck around these at night!

Top 3 Most Haunted Roads Of Delhi

1) The Ridge road

Ridge Road Haunted Roads Of Delhi

Don’t stop your car if someone asks you for a lift or follows you. Chances might be that you end up driving into eternal darkness. Just imagine being followed by an unknown entity and you can’t even use your mobile because there is no coverage. This is one of the most haunted roads of Delhi.

2) Delhi Cantonment

Delhi Cantonment Haunted Roads Of Delhi

The land of the ghost lady supposedly killed by an accident. Don’t faint if you see her running beside you at the speed of your vehicle. And just don’t stop your vehicle if someone tries to stop you…

You wouldn’t want to be dragged kilometres across the road and then end up deep inside the woods! Would you?

We bet not!

3) Dwarka Sector-9

Dwarka Sector 9 Haunted Roads Of Delhi

This has a funny side to its story where people often see a lady appearing and vanishing after slapping them (and maybe whispers in their ears “Thapad se darr nai lagta sahab, Bhoot se lagta hai.”)

Many people have seen her travelling at the speed of their vehicle. Seems the lady from the Delhi Cantonment has shifted her place to Dwarka. Yeeks !!!

You surely don’t know when things start getting ugly on this eerily Haunted Road of Delhi!

Wait, who’s that behind you?

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