Every Tourist Has Done This One Illegal Thing While Visiting Eiffel Tower!

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The Eiffel tower might have always been one of the most romantic destinations that you might have ever thought of. This fascinating destination is on the bucket list of every couple. Also what would be a better place to propose the person you love, than under the Eiffel Tower in the moonlight with the Eiffel tower shining up in its perfect delight?

Well, that might be one of the best ideas that you can possibly think of, but are you aware of the fact that if you capture this beautiful moment with your loved one, you might end yourself in the jail? Or you might have to go through a great deal of ordeal to make sure that you are not in any trouble.

Clicking A Picture of Eiffel Tower At Night Is Illegal

Amused? Well, you must be. The Eiffel Tower is owned by the Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel. According to the official website of the company,

“The views from the Eiffel Tower are rights-free. Permission and rights must be obtained from the Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel for the publication of photographs of the illuminated Eiffel Tower.”

Picture Of Eiffel Tower At Night Is Illegal
Picture Of Eiffel Tower At Night Is Illegal

This is Why Picture Of Eiffel Tower At Night Is Illegal

Thus, if you are one of those, shutter hungry bugs, all that you need to do is to make sure that you reach the destination before the sunset and click the best pictures for yourself. Or for my dear friends, who were thinking about celebrating valentine’s day at the Eiffel Tower with their loved ones, well, a little change on the timings would be of great help to your memories collection in the future.

Does It Mean That You’ll Be Jailed?

Diving deeper, it is found that the organisation treats the illuminations on the tower as a separate artistic work. As a result, clicking pictures of the same would only mean the violation of the Intellectual Property. And according to the French law, this would be regarded as illegal and a crime.

Picture Of Eiffel Tower At Night Is Illegal
Picture Of Eiffel Tower At Night Is Illegal

However, breathe easy my friend, if your instagram has some pictures featuring the same. Well, all that you need to know is the fact that some copyright are just acclaimed and hardly enforced. This, is one of the most classic cases. Although the website and the official documents confirm that capturing a picture of Eiffel Tower at night is illegal; but not a single person has till date been convicted for similar charges.

Lastly, Your instagram account is probably safe!

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